Klondike Derby

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Date: February 3-4
Location: Town of Ohio, NY
Depart: 5:30 pm, Friday,Oriskany Falls Fire Department
Pickup: 4:00-5:00, Saturday, Oriskany Falls Fire Department

This months campout will count towards the monthly campout fulfillment.  Scouts will be participating in the Klondike Derby, which is always a lot of fun!!  Scouts should bring their snow snake that they made to this campout.  Please bring an extra set of warm clothes, scouts will be outside the entire weekend.

Equipment provided by Troop:

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Tents

Equipment provided by the Scout:

  • Personal eating gear, water bottle
  • Sleeping bag & mat for weather conditions (It’s that time of year for warm sleeping bags)
  • Clothing for weather conditions (It’s that time of year for warm clothes, boots, hats, extra socks)- Please wear Class A uniform upon arrival.
  • Scout Handbook- in case there is time to do book signing
  • Scouts should also get in the habit of bringing their Fire Starting Supplies, First Aid Kit, compass, and the rope that was given to them at scouts, to all campouts!

Saturday breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Scouts should eat dinner before arrival Friday night. Dinner will not be provided.

Cost is $15 per scout.